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EstateOn Terms & conditions

Step on this website or user visits this website, using its application, subscription, data feed, and different types of services clearly states that a user agrees with our terms and conditions along with our privacy policy. In any case, if you have any issue or second thoughts about EstateOn Terms & Conditions then kindly leave this site and please do not use its services. We can amend/modify our terms & conditions without any prior notice. All such amendments will be applicable immediately from the moment they are made.

This is the leading platform which offers real estate services and helps people connect with the real estate market in terms of selling or buying housing properties. We have full rights to all the content available on this site. Our terms & conditions apply to all users who use our services through this site. Entire “Terms of Use” implies an electronic record under the meaning of the applicable laws. All such electronic records are computer generated and in any case do not require any kind of physical or digital signatures.

We are connected with two types of visitors such are general users (who visit the site for their queries) and real estate professionals (who want to sell or rent their property through our site). Terms and conditions apply to all kinds of users on this site.

EstateOn tries its level best to provide accurate information. But EstateOn.com does not guarantee that the content on this site is absolutely accurate, complete in all manners, trusted and error-free in all aspects. This site also provides or uses external links to provide extended services on which it has no control. In such case, EstateOn is not responsible for the availability of those external links, sites or platforms and does not take responsibility for such content and services.

Initially, users can access our site without creating an account and can access basic features on the site. To access full features and services users have to create an account so that can access, upload, and download the specific information using the site. EstateOn has its own method to verify a user’s account then only one can be able to create an account. A single user is not able to create multiple accounts and to verify this we have some set of methods to prohibit a user.

We may have a subscription fee for our plans and services which is non-refundable until there is an offer for money back. EstateOn reserves all the right to change, revise, or amend the subscription or services fee without any prior notice. It may be conducted post subscription or during subscription of the plan so a user will not be intimated in such case and have to pay accordingly.

Grievance Redressal –

In case of any complaint, misuse, abuse or discrepancies related to the breach of such terms & conditions you can write us on at Email - eoninfratech@gmail.com. We make sure that our Grievance officer will reach you within the minimum period of time with a solid solution.