Privacy Policy

EstateOn Privacy Policy

EstateOn welcomes here…!!! We are committed to user privacy and we mean it. We are highly dedicated on the way to protecting user’s personal information and any kind of information users share with us. By doing best practices for safeguarding user information & data we likewise consent to every relevant regulation.

During this website visit, user’s each and every move is administered with respect to the collection of data, handling of data and storage of data to keep it private. At the hours of visiting this website, a user may have to register with EstateOn by completing a registration form following by accepting terms and conditions. You are respectfully advised to go with EstateOn’s privacy policy thoroughly.

Let’s get to know about our practices to collect user’s information and its usages -

Information users give us -

At some points, while using this site a user has to fill the registration form in order to seek the user’s information at our end. We also collect user’s information during the visit to the website in respect of mail, text, chatting, newsletter subscription, joining any event and social networking activities.

The reason behind collecting all such information about a user is to make the user experience excellent from time to time, in order to improvisation of website, in order to reach the user for updating new updates, answer the user’s query, complete user’s request and so on.

Automatic Information –

Simultaneously we collect information about the user’s device such as IP address to save necessary data into the user’s device in the form of cookies. Along with it, we may also collect some other information such as the user’s device name, model & manufacturing, operating system, browser, date and time, internet data provider name, etc. We collect all such critical data about a user to keep our website safe and to protect it from theft of highly sensitive website assets.

Cookies –

Users are advised to allow cookies whenever a popup blows on the site because it plays an important role in setting users’ preferences, and priorities and improving user experience on the website. These are not harmful but some very small files which enabled after accepting cookies at the user acceptance and transported to user’s device. This is how it helps us to remember user's device and suggests us to show the result based on the user’s last activities on our website in terms of choices, preferences and interests.

Advertisements & Endorsement –

From time to time we update our website with new products and services in order to meet the different requirements of clients. Therefore users may receive our marketing and promotional advertisements, representing our new products and services updated on EstateOn.

Personal Information Preservation –

All such collected information (we discussed above) of a user shall not be reserved for an extended period of time than for a specific purpose. Therefore a user may also entreaty us to remove collected information.

EstateOn is strict to protect of user’s personal information –

User’s privacy is our first priority and we are dedicated to keeping it very safe with us only. We have a dedicated and highly experienced team who has expertise in storing, managing and handling user’s critical information electronically. We use advanced multilevel security walls to protect user’s information entered by users during different activities on the website.

  • We practice using highly advanced protective software and do website analysis on a routine basis for any unknown susceptibilities.
  • Our user’s personal information is in safe hands which is controlled & handled only by the authorities because only they have such rights to access the website.
  • One thing our users should know is that however we use highly advanced security walls to protect user’s personal information but sometimes such highly advanced securities may fail after highly potential cyber security attacks.

Third parties involvement -

We don’t have any interest in public or publishing user’s information on the website and we also do not share it with any third party without any prior notice and acknowledgement.

The above statement does not include those parties which are our business partners and closely connected with us in respect of developing, maintaining and operating our website. Because of the conduct of business and being very trusted & professional parties, they hold such information and data very safe and confidential with them only. Therefore user agrees and acknowledges sharing such data with those parties.

Comply With Legal Obligations -

EstateOn complies with all Indian Laws applicable, available and highly cooperated with all law enforcement enquiries. In case of protecting ours as well other's rights, government request, property safety, request against fraud investigation we may release limited information with full responsibility.

Transaction Information –

We have a dedicated system to track, manage, analyze, record and collect data on any payment transaction on this website. When a user uses a method to conduct a transaction, it collects information about the transaction such as name and email address of the parties (sender as well as recipient), UPI details, date & time, transaction amount, exact location and description, the details provided by the parties, images associated with the transaction, means of the payment transaction, card details, wallet details and offers (if associated with the transaction).

Sites Linked with Us –

In order to code business conduct and grow with time we have the right to use links of other websites purposefully and obviously, their privacy policy may differ from ours. Whenever a user is redirected through that link their action on site will be governed by as per site’s privacy policy. So it becomes important and definitely the user’s responsibility to read their privacy statements very carefully while using other site’s links. is highly committed to the privacy & security of its users. Users are requested and welcome to reach us freely if they find any security vulnerabilities. We will come back with a proper responsive result as soon as possible. One more important thing is that our Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time without any prior notice to any user. To be updated with changes users are suggested to review policy periodically.